$3.3 Million Investment in Sheridan College


Today I’m proud to announce $2.3 million for Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) that will immediately benefit local and regional companies by making it possible for them to engage faculty expertise in developing solutions to their mobile computing challenges. Sheridan will also be receiving an additional $1 million from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation’s Infrastructure Operating Fund, which assists institutions with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with the new infrastructure, for an overall federal investment total of $3.3 million for Sheridan College.

This funding will enhance Sheridan’s mobile innovation technology expertise and will offer dozens of students each year opportunities to advance their training in solving real-world industry problems. In particular, the research will focus on using biomedical sensors, wearable devices and other mobile technologies for gathering health data and detecting and treating disease.

I am immensely proud that Oakville is home to a world class educational institution like Sheridan College. Sheridan has extensive experience in mobile computing and in engaging industry partners in ground-breaking applied research. The CMI, through this program’s funding, will enable access to specialized equipment to develop highly qualified students who will bring the latest research knowledge with them to local and regional companies. Through our Government’s investment, Sheridan’s CMI will strengthen local and regional competency by engaging faculty, students and industry partners in collaborative projects to improve business innovation.

Mobile computing and its supporting industries are pervasive in our society and the need for innovative solutions is pressing and immediate. The technological advancements of Internet of Things, Wearable Computing, Augmented/Virtual Reality , and machine learning will enable businesses to improve their productivity, competitiveness, market share and profitability.

The Government of Canada recognizes that colleges play a valuable role in research and innovation in Canada. Strong ties with their communities place colleges in a unique position to collaborate with local companies to develop innovations that strengthen economic growth and create new quality jobs that help support a vibrant middle class. That is why the Government of Canada is committed to investing in partnerships between colleges and industry to help spur innovation and the development of new technologies that benefit all Canadians.



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