Canadian Sesquicentennial Award

Canadian Sesquicentennial Award

To celebrate the historic event of Canada’s 150th birthday, John Oliver, Member of Parliament for Oakville, will recognize exceptional members of our community with a special Sesquicentennial Citizenship Award.

Do you know someone who through their actions promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity, works to improve the environment, or who champions justice, equality, and democratic stewardship?  Do you know an Oakville constituent who has personally made contributions that have, or are currently making Oakville  and in extension Canada, a happier, healthier and stronger place to live?

If you do, then nominate this resident of the constituency of Oakville, of any age, by completing the form here (Canadian citizenship is not a requirement for this award).

Special consideration will be given to individuals who represent and express actions of inclusivity and diversity, support the environment, and display key Canadian values such as justice, equality, and democratic stewardship. These awards will be presented at a special ceremony on Canada Day.

Nominate somebody here.

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