Funding for Oakville Senior Programs


Today I’m pleased to announce $98,600 in funding through the New Horizons for Seniors Program. I’m particularly pleased to talk about seniors and the impact they make on our community.  Finding ways to support our seniors so they can continue to play an active role within our community is important to our Government but is particularly important for me, as Member of Parliament for this community.

As baby boomers age, communities have an opportunity to benefit from a highly-skilled group of seniors looking for new and meaningful ways to contribute to their communities.

In this pursuit, four community organizations in Oakville are the recipients of the New Horizons Federal Grants and Contributions Program that will see the support and development of senior’s well-being, accessibility and community interconnectivity.

Congratulations to St. John’s United Church, the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton, the Oakville Jiu-Jiu Senior Association and the East Faith Korean Presbyterian Church for receiving this funding for their support of senior social participation.


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