Investments in Public Transit Means Less Time Commuting

Oakville Transit Announcement

Federal Funding Drives Transit – Oakville is a commuting town; for many Oakville residents, getting to and from work via public transit is a time-consuming, but necessary part of daily life. After a long day spent working hard, you expect clean, efficient public transit to get you home on time. That is why our Government is committing historic investments to improve and expand public transit systems across Canada providing for quicker, safer, and greener commutes.

This morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced more than $1.8 billion for the GO Regional Express rail project across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region, which encompasses the Lakeshore West GO Line, including both Oakville and Bronte GO stations.

Here in Oakville, I was very pleased to announce $5 million in funding for Oakville Transit. This significant funding will enable projects to help meet ridership demand, increase ridership accessibility, increase optimal bus life expectancy as well as the installation and replacement of crucial transportation infrastructure from bus shelters to monitoring equipment.

These investments will create good, well-paying middle class jobs, and support modern, efficient transit systems. This will result in a faster commute, less time in traffic, and more time at home where it counts.


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