Open Letter to the Constituents of Oakville

It is an honour and a privilege to represent the residents of the Riding of Oakville in Ottawa, to be part of a great Liberal team, and to have served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health. I have truly enjoyed these opportunities and fully support our Government’s directions and policies under the leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau.

These honours and privileges, however, come with a cost to my supportive family who have made many sacrifices to allow me to take part in public service. In recent discussions with my family we have reached a decision that these costs have become too great for me to seek re-election.

As a result I will not be seeking re-election after the end of this Parliamentary session. I also, effective February 18, 2019, resigned as Parliamentary Secretary to allow a different caucus member the opportunity to serve.

I will be completing the term of office to which I was elected and will continue to actively advocate for and represent the people of the Riding of Oakville until a new Member of Parliament is determined. My Oakville and Ottawa offices will remain fully operational to serve constituents as required.

I’m proud of Prime Minister Trudeau and what we’ve accomplished together as Liberals. We have fought and continue to fight for Canadians across the country and here in Oakville. From renegotiating NAFTA; to supporting middle class families; to fighting climate change; and lifting 825,000 Canadians including 278,000 children out of poverty, the government is making real and positive change in the lives of Canadians. I am confident that with hope and hard work we will earn the trust of Canadians to form another majority government in October 2019.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions made by my staff, including Fiona Fraser, Andrew Quinn, Nancy Buchan-Terrell, Valerie Campbell, Hannah Wieler, and Lori Weston who have provided superb support to me and the community over the past years. I couldn’t have done this without their tireless work. The Oakville team has provided excellent service to local residents. In Ottawa my work as Chair of the Liberal Auto Caucus, Chair of the Health Research Caucus, Vice-Chair of Canada European Parliamentary Association, fighting for national Pharmacare, protecting Net Neutrality in Canada through my motion M-168 and helping steer many other bills through the Standing Committee on Health was ably supported by them.

I would like to thank the Minister of Health, the Hon. Ginette Petitpas Taylor, for our wonderful partnership as her Parliamentary Secretary. I truly believe that our work has furthered the health and safety of Canadians, and I look forward to seeing this work continue.

I would also like to thank the residents of Oakville for the opportunity they gave me to serve our great community.

Finally, I would like to thank my family for their continued support.
John Oliver
Member of Parliament,

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