Statement on Ovarian Cancer Research Petition

Today I was proud to present two petitions with thousands of signatories on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Canada, survivors, and advocates from all across Canada calling for an immediate additional investment of $10 million for ovarian cancer research. This investment will help save the lives of thousands of Canadian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This year alone over 2,800 women will be diagnosed and 1,750 will die from the disease. Sadly, the outcomes for ovarian cancer have not changed in the past 50 years and treatments have not advanced significantly since the 1990s. As the former CEO of Halton Healthcare I saw firsthand the destructive outcomes of this terrible disease. These petitions will raise awareness that investment in ovarian cancer research lags well behind that of other cancers such as breast and prostate cancer, which have seen great advances largely attributed to the significant investments in research. Support of this investment can lead to further advancements in prognosis and treatment of Canadian women’s most fatal cancer.


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