House of Commons – Dec. 10, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member for his impassioned speech.
I have heard several recitals of the atrocities that are happening and are committed by Daesh. I want to say that everyone in this House can agree that the Daesh atrocities are despicable, deplorable, and inhumane by every moral standard. I know we all believe that passionately in this House.
Our government has never been opposed to deploying armed forces into combat when it clearly serves Canada’s national interests. In this endeavour, success will require highly trained, well-equipped local forces that are invested in the fight for the long term. Our men and women in uniform have years of combat and training experience and can have a major impact on ensuring that local Iraqi and Kurdish forces are well prepared to defeat Daesh once and for all.
Why does the hon. member not recognize the power and the impact of our forces in this form of deployment?

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