Member’s Statement – Jan. 26, 2016

Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to advise the House that a 92-year-old resident of Oakville, Edward James Kersey, has been awarded France’s highest order: the rank of Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour.
Reverend Kersey joined the Canadian Army on January 24, 1943. He came ashore at Juno Beach on July 10, 1944, fought in battles through France, Belgium, Holland, and was with his unit in Oldenburg, Germany when the war ended. His efforts and personal bravery helped to ensure that today Canada and France are democratic and free societies.
This award attests to his courage and his devotion to the ideals of liberty and peace. For this, we all owe Reverend Kersey a great debt of gratitude.
As a Knight of the Legion of Honour, he joins an international order that has been instrumental in creating a stronger, fairer and more just world.
Thank you and congratulations Reverend Kersey.

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